Clients & Testimonials

“Polly was the creative force behind the representation of two of our most important historic spaces, the Beauchamp and the Bloody Towers. The result is a powerful and engaging evocation of the stories those spaces tell, innovative in method, accessible to all and appropriate to old and young alike.”

Richard Harrold

Director, The Tower of London

“Polly’s most important piece of work at Historic Royal Palaces was to lead The Tower Core Story project. This project required a great deal of consultation, understanding the physical site, how all the current interpretation functions and mediating the views of many different colleagues. It is immensely to her credit that the finished result was produced with great clarity and insight – and will provide exactly that organising framework we wanted for years of projects to come.”

Michael Day

CVO Chief Executive, Historic Royal Palaces

“Polly is a top-notch Content Developer. I have worked on a diverse range of projects with Polly and she is invaluable. She is thoughtful, tenacious, bold in ideas and fun to work with. Her past theatre design experience and her spatial understanding enriches her skill set making her a valuable team member. I highly recommend her.”

Katherine Skellon

Creative Director of Skellon Studios