Polly is able to bring together key stakeholders with diverse views, sometimes even at odds, to unlock creative solutions to complex issues. She has developed an inclusive and enjoyable process to developing interpretation and facilitates workshops throughout the project to ensure that every member of the team is on board with each stage of the creative and critical path.

Polly has a calm and welcoming demeanour and creates safe spaces in which workshop attendees quickly become relaxed and open. Sharing ideas and experiences has never been so much fun! Polly’s ability to listen and ask pertinent questions means that workshop outcomes are always fruitful. Her inspiring approach to analytical thinking really sets the ground for engaging conversations. Polly’s ability to ask challenging questions really requires workshop attendees to delve into their experiences and share their opinions with confidence. Her workshops build capacity and skills in all participants. Attendees leave the sessions feeling invigorated, inspired and empowered as a cohesive team to deliver the project vision.


  • Interpretation Plans & Strategies
  • Interpretation Audits
  • Visitor Experience Plans  
  • Interpretation Masterplanning
  • Exhibition Concept Development
  • Visioning and Brief Writing
  • HLF Funding Applications
  • Writing, Copywriting and Editing
  • Content research
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Heritage Interpretation Training
  • Mentoring