Poles Apart: Royal Museums Greenwich

Understanding the Arctic and Antarctic is key to understanding our changing planet. The exhibition Poles Apart celebrates RRS Sir David Attenborough, the UK’s newest polar research ship and shines a light on the challenges facing our polar regions and the people striving to make sense of them.

Polly helped the project team to refine and deliver the narrative for this new display, enabling visitors to discover the hidden aspects of this extraordinary ship, glimpse what life is like on board and realise what important research is being undertaken by climate change scientists and researchers. Polly oversaw the design development and also developed and delivered interactive and AV briefs. The challenge of the interpretation was creating a storyline that was clear and engaging for families and non-specialists whilst providing layered and detailed information to appeal to more technically minded visitors.

Site: Royal Museums Greenwich, Upper Deck Gallery

Role:  Interpretation Consultant

Target Audiences: Families with kids, Boat-loving enthusiasts

Opened: June 2022

All photos: Polly Richards