Technicians: The David Sainsbury Gallery, Science Museum, London

Opening in autumn 2022, this free interactive gallery aimed at 11 to 16-year-olds seeks to change perceptions of technical careers and inspire tomorrow’s technicians.

Working with writer and curator David Rooney, Polly was engaged as Lead Interpretation Consultant from RIBA stages 0-3 to create the Vision for this new gallery. She supported the project team through the early stages of the project in the development of the interpretation and design, and continued to act as a mentor from Stage 3 onwards.

While the impact of technicians is felt across almost every aspect of our lives, the gallery focuses on the efforts of technicians in four key sectors: advanced manufacturing, creative industries, health science, and energy networks. Featuring a wide variety of technician roles, the gallery will enable visitors to explore where technicians work, hear their extraordinary stories and meet real-life technicians who will lead special activities within the space for families and schools. Visitors will experience what it’s like to be a technician through unique interactive exhibits based on the activities technicians perform, such as operating a manufacturing robot, creating visual effects on a blockbuster film set, fixing a wind turbine fault, and analysing medicines in a laboratory. 

Site: Science Museum, Level 1

Role:  Lead Interpretation Consultant

Target Audiences: 11 to 16-year-olds

Opening: Autumn 2022