The Power Hall

Due to open in 2023, this multi-sensory gallery, full of the sounds of machines, the whistle and smell of steam and incredible personal stories will show how Manchester provided the power that changed the city and the world.

This reinterpretation project took its lead from the extraordinary assembly of engines at the heart of the Science and Industry Museum’s Power Hall. Appointed as Interpretation Consultant, Polly’s role was to enable the Core Team to define their Vision for the gallery reinterpretation. This included defining audiences and outcomes; shaping and articulating the interpretation of the objects, testing and refining the narratives and methods of interpretation; determining how best to harness the use of digital to create impact and interactivity to support the interpretation and considering how and where to create opportunities for intergenerational exchange and planning what the visitor experience could be when the gallery is not in full steam. Polly worked closely with the Museum’s own Interpretation Manager and facilitated a series of workshops with the Project Team that helped them to shape and ultimately to issue the Design Brief.

Site: Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester

Role:  Interpretation Consultant

Target Audience: Family groups and ethnically diverse visitors

Opening date: Due to open in 2023

Credit: Creative Commons.